“If the preservation plan we are proposing is implemented, then the 166 acres - including fields for active and passive recreation – will absolutely and irrevocably be preserved forever." 
-Peter Carlino, May 21, 2018
“Philanthropic dollars are scarce and frankly not available to preserve greenspace of this size. The Carlino plan has an innovative mechanism to address this. Their partial development, and the taxes it generates, can be used to preserve this large, unique forest forever.”
This Philly.com article captures the experiential and placemaking elements the Town Center at Marple Preserve will create for Marple Township. The mix of uses, amenities, and  active and passive recreation will provide a new, unique asset for the Marple community.

For decades, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia maintained these 213-acres largely as undeveloped land, using 38 acres for Don Guanella Village. 

Our plan to redevelop the Don Guanella site will preserve 95% of the existing undeveloped land. That’s 166 acres preserved as greenspace – managed forever…

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Town Center at Marple Preserve is a mixed-use community project.
Marple Town Center will offer playing fields for nearby youth.
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Welcome to the Town Center at Marple Preserve.

Our plan develops only an additional 9 acres, which is necessary to fund the permanent preservation of the rest of the property for passive and active recreation, without raising residents’ taxes.  

While the current zoning permits a number of land use options including institutional and residential uses, our sincere hope is to build the Town Center at Marple Preserve and create a powerful source of good for the community.

We look forward to your support. 

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